Impossible Foods Is Now Developing Plant-Based Fish

Published 07-10-2019

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Impossible Foods - purveyor of the world-famous meat-free Impossible Burger - is now developing an alternative to fish in response to the growing market for plant-based foods and to combat depleted ocean populations. Like the company's vegan beef replacements, the fishless fish would be made using heme, a secret ingredient that mimics the taste and aroma of meat - or in this case, seafood.

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According to a new report by The New York Times, Impossible has already successfully created an anchovy-flavored broth made from plants. Pat Brown, the company's chief executive officer, told the outlet that it's currently being used to make paella, but that it could also be used to make Caesar dressing.

Beyond beef and fish, Impossible is striving to develop alternatives for every animal-based food by 2035. It's unclear whether or not the goal is attainable in such a short period of time, but Brown told the newspaper he's confident that the current plant-based beef recipe is malleable enough to make other proteins.

Currently, several other brands offer vegan seafood options ranging from crab cakes and tuna to shrimp and caviar, including Gardein, Ocean Hugger, Quorn, Good Catch and more. Most can be ordered online, and there's a chance you might find them at the best grocery store in your state.

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