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The Palmetto State is the perfect place to spend time outdoors, and Sumter is no exception. South Carolina is home to many outdoor attractions, but the Midlands and Piedmont also offer outdoor fun in places you might not expect. For more places where you can find fun outdoors, see our guide to the best places for those who love nature. Each of the cities in the Palmat to State has a wealth of places to enjoy nature.

Swan Lake Iris Gardens (top and bottom) are home to Swan Lake State Park, home to eight species of swan in one of South Carolina's largest swan ponds. The park covers the state's few remaining bays and is particularly biodiversity-rich. You can fish for peace, nature and wildlife as well as for a magnificent view of the beautiful beaches of Sumter.

The indoor pool is a wonderful place to do a few laps at the end of the day and bring the family along for an afternoon of fun. Visit the museum and opera house, try your hand at fishing or golfing, or enjoy the surrounding countryside and views of Sumter and the surrounding area.

If we continue to offer destinations that make this state wonderful, take the right precautions and add them to your bucket list to see them at a later date. As of October 7, 2019, there is no travel warning for the United States, but normal security arrangements are in place.

Given the humidity, temperatures feel very comfortable for much of the year, and the data displayed are calculated relative to the peak. The wettest months are August (76.1%), the wettest months are February (59% relative humidity) and October (60%). A reading of 62.9% in November means 62% for tourists in February, but the figures are based on relative peaks. Note: A value of 0.0 in the snow curve below may mean that no snow is lying or is not reported.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Sumter, the hottest months are July, August and then June. If you are looking for dry weather, it is January, February, then March and 18 - 2ºC will feel comfortable in the face of humidity and wind. The daily maximum values fall between -18 - 18 degrees Celsius (-2 degrees Celsius) in the summer months and -3 - 4 degrees Celsius.

The perceived temperature factors in humidity and wind cooling better reflect how hot or cold a day feels for a person. The area is a bit temperate compared to tourist destinations worldwide, so consider a light breeze.

June - August is the second busiest season for tourism in Sumter, and prices for hotels and flights are the most expensive, but you can save by buying well in advance. If you stay in Sumter, you will be able to find room rates that suit almost every budget. Accommodation and other accommodations may be slightly more expensive. , they are not usually as expensive as other parts of the state.

If you need souvenirs to remind you of your trip, there is an excellent gift shop in every place. If you are interested in planning a tour or if your group would like to be accompanied by a guide, call our office to discuss details and availability. Whatever activities and attractions you may wish to do, CVB staff will work with you on your next visit to Sumter South Carolina.

The CVB welcomes over 600,000 visitors a year and offers various assistance and talks in Sumter. There are many fun events that Sumters hosts throughout the year, such as the annual Sumter Day of the Dead and the South Carolina State Fair. In addition to the stated welcome center and private enquiries, our staff will also support the community in other ways.

We are waiting for you to arrive in Sumter, where a pleasant stay in the South has attracted travelers from all over the world.

Morgan Quitno uses six crime classifications for America's most dangerous cities, and the table below compares them to the national average. The tourist graphic is based on Google searches for tourists who use our service relative to the rest of the year. Browse the line charts to find the cheapest time to book a room in Sumter for your upcoming trip.

Some 27.3% of households are individuals, 31.0% are not families, 35.6% have children under 18 living with them, 11.7% have someone living alone and 65 years or older and 19% have children under 18. 3% had a housekeeper without a husband. Of these households, 46.0% were married couples living together, 19% with a child under 18, 37.2% without children, 26.5% in a single-parent household, 25.8% as a family of four, 15.4% in a household with five or more adults and 11%.

The first black woman to run for VP in the Progressive Party in 1952, the first female presidential candidate in US history, and she was born in Sumter. The area was first developed in 1927 and Riley Park was home to the Braves until 1948, when the team left Sumter for Macon, Georgia. She reached the World Series in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where she finished fourth nationally.

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