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The Italian favourites are dished up by the family - who have run the Sambino Bistro for over 30 years. Fresh artisanal bread and pastries are made at a Hamptons bakery that also sells custom-made cakes. Domino's Pizza Store in 29154 is the place to satisfy your hunger for free speech, where you'll find a wide range of ways to open your mouth - a watering pizza is all about.

You can also have your Domino's pizza, sandwich, chicken and more delivered almost anywhere in Sumter, and don't forget the cool technology that lets you have some of your favorite Dominos delivered directly to your car. You can also have all the popular pizza and sandwich options delivered directly from your car, along with a wide range of other food options, with a free delivery service.

Sumter's proximity to the sea means fresh seafood, and local restaurants serve it in abundance. Sumter also owns the Imperial Hamptons, which opened in 2010 and has become a favorite of the high-profile guests. In the restaurants of the city you can also find tasty international cuisine with a wide selection of local and international dishes.

Call Domino's Pizza (29154) and order a delicious pizza or order it at one of the many restaurants in Sumter with a variety of toppings including chicken, pork, beef, chicken wings and more.

Delivery or take-away, satisfy your ready-to-eat pizza and more now with attentive suppliers who will make sure your meal arrives on your doorstep when and how you expect it. Domino's Sumter Pizza offers a variety of discounts to help you keep some cash in your pocket, and there are a number of special offers for those with limited funds. We publish our free Food & Dining Newsletter to keep you informed about everything that is happening in the culinary scene in Charleston.

Baker's Sweets Bakery & Cafe is the place in Sumter where you can taste heavenly cinnamon rolls and cakes. Baker's serves a new definition of Southern cuisine, concocted by chef Laurence Gottlieb, with an emphasis on local ingredients, local flavors and fresh ingredients. The menu offers a combination menu with a variety of dishes including chicken and pork ribs, crab, prawns and grits, pork chops, chicken wings and more, as well as a selection of desserts.

Thompson says Dall'Erta cooks the pizzas they serve every night, but you can also sample his favorite with its grilled chicken, pork ribs, shrimp and grains. Forget your fingers, seasoned with dippable chicken wings and fill yourself with the crispy - breaded chicken with BBQ sauce. Choose from a variety of chicken and pork chops, chicken or pork wings, ribs and more, or choose between the chicken sandwich, barbecue sandwich or chicken wing sandwich.

Tufts Daskalis is great, clear, and that's why there's a sweet - approved dessert at 29154, but the Imperial menu offers a wide range of starters, appetizers that range from filet mignon to fillets to chicken wings and more. The appetizer menu seems most versatile with continental sauces and grains, so bebe with the glazed wings, chicken and pork ribs, pork chops, ribs and shrimp, shrimp and cheese or the pork belly and chicken wing sandwich. That sounds like a diabolical egg to me, because the Milanese has been cooking at the Inn in Little Washington for more than a decade.

By hiring Dall'Erta, who happened to be a Clemson grad, Thompson has expanded the local gastronomic spectrum to the point where the prospect of gnodi and negroni is now at one end and the possibility of a chicken and cheese sandwich at the other.

I can't imagine many South Carolinians today would not be thrilled by Sumter's downtown streets and the city's new Jewish History Center, which is housed in stained-glass paintings around the Sinai Temple. This kind of thoughtful service is a sophistication that Thompson tries to cultivate, as is Dall'Erta's excellent pasta risotto. It's a bit too much - saturated with cream, but that's the problem with fine dining that most cities of this size and size want for themselves.

Dall'Erta's is also open for lunch and dinner and is one of the best in town with a wide selection of sandwiches, salads and pasta.

Fort Sumter picked up Wigfall's white handkerchief before heading to Morris Island, where he was hailed as a hero. The officer who represented Beauregard, Lee Rogers Anderson, and the rest of the Confederate Army, sailed to Sumters without knowing about his visit. After lowering the flag in 1861, Anderson returned to the ruined fortress to raise it after surrender. Anderson carried it back to Charleston, where it became a well-known symbol and rallying point for South Carolina's anti-slavery movement. In Charleston, the handkerchief was discovered in the hands of a number of Confederate veterans, many of whom have since retired.

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